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"No matter what, i would like to chase my dream first. Never forget who i was, never forget my family, and always seeks Allah helps. Always"
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Exam..Saturday, 18 May 2013 leave me ♥?




  If blog could talk,he probably has said this to me "Hey Wawa! Where have you been? I've missed you"  Well sayang.. i miss you too////// Sorry for ignoring for the past few weeksterpinggir I was busy preparing for my Exam so i got no time to update.To tell you the truth i miss bloging.I miss approving comment. I miss finding friends. I miss updating new entries.Despite missing doing that kind of stuff i perfectly know i haven't gotten new followers no reader and that's worrying me.What is no one read my blog?! Oh gosh!!o.0 

  I realize it's because a part of my mistake too since i didn't follow them back as wished. Sorry everyone... I've always tried hard to do better in creating new posting and blogging... but if it' fated not to be done, it never will.. <lol> now what am i talking abaout? Urhmm... lazy  me is getting lazier anyway.. >.< that's why blog is unipdate. I was lovin how my life was goin on when suddenly somethin happen.Thus kept me away... from blogging. I'll be blogging mre later.. Hmmm.. so that's all for today..////// goodbye lahvs...kiss